Virtual Employee vs Virtual Assistant

Confused about what is a virtual employee (Remote Worker) and what is an Australian virtual assistant? Introduction Virtual employees, or remote workers, work from a remote location that isn’t where the employer’s office or headquarters is located. Usually, virtual employees work from home or other sites offsite and communicate with their employers via email or… Read More Virtual Employee vs Virtual Assistant


Why use Hashtags? Hashtags are a simple way to share your content. What do Hashtags do? Hashtags allow your campaign to be shared with your niche on different social platforms. Do they work? YES. When someone clicks on a hashtag, it will reveal information about a specific subject. What Platforms use Hashtags? Many social platforms… Read More Hashtags


We get a lot of these questions below about Resumes: Do we need all our job experience in our Resume? No, only add the most recent few with your most recent education and any other relevant information. But, I have a 20 + experience and I want to show it? To show this we summarize… Read More Resumes