Never Give UP !

When you are inspired and passionate about something such as running your own business, there will be many positive and negative aspects of running your own business. You will get how much is that going to cost you, how much will you make and that is a waste of time.

Personally, I have had many of people tell me to just give the business up and don’t worry about going back to work, however,  sometimes, I feel like giving up and not bothering about it, but every time I have thought about giving up in some weird way the universe seems to send me clients, just like saying ” DO not give up on your dream of a successful business.”

Although I always say to myself this may be a small business for now it may eventually turn into a something much bigger  which for now enables me to maintain my office skills that I have studied learnt over many years.

Being an optimist, I feel that I need to have those skills in case something may happen to the main breadwinner, being my husband.

In this way I have skills I need to get back to any part-time/temp work in the future. But my hope is to make my business a full-time entity from home and be able to provide things for my children should anything adverse happen to my husband, so my main point in this blog is not to give up your dream of the running of your business even if you do constantly receive  negativity from those who are pessimist.

The other part I would also recommend is:

  • Write down what skills you have a piece of paper;
  • Do your research on whether the business would be viable;
  • What cost you would need to buy the equipment you may need and write what equipment you already have;
  • Is your business is going to be a hobby or full-time business;  and
  • What are the pros and cons of each set of skills that you will need to work from home.


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