Paid or Free Advertising Worth It !

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Many have paid for advertising their business, is it worth paying to promote the business. As you may be aware I do own and operate a Virtual Assistant Business at first, I paid for advertising through many avenues but found out that it becomes costly and most of the profit was paid into them which left me nothing in the bank. I found out advertising for myself was the best thing do, I am also part of the Virtual Assistant group only something I do pay for, but most of the other advertising has become with advertising flyers, and the best one was many clients the had referred me to other possible clients due to exceptional work. You can advertise either by paid or free.
The places that I have used free are
  • supermarkets billboard,
  • Facebook
  • linked-in,
  • twitter,
  • flyers in letterboxes,
  • handed flyers to business in person and a couple of others.
Best advertisement I have found which has been very useful is word of mouth. Other places you may find handy are as follows:

 The conclusion is that if you have the money to spare, make sure you can afford to pay the fees for the paid advertising and if you are just starting out, the best way is to start doing free advertising until you can afford to get someone else to advertise for you. 

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Email Signature how to add

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Have you gotten frustrated that your Business Logo does not show on your email. If so this document will explain heaps,I am not 100% sure whether it will work on Outlook, but you could try it.

How do we add our logo to our signature

If you do use outlook please let me know if it has worked, or another way to do it is use Access to contact a Business card.

Proactive Marketing

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Have you ever missed a phone call to realise it is a potential client after someone to work on their project. Have you ever thought that maybe writing a thank you letter for their enquiry to keep your business in their minds for the near future?

Well I have just done that; why not keep your business in the back of their minds, and write a thank you letter to them for their time.

Too see what will happen.

Always make a note or even do a database from Enquiries in Access, Excel, Works database so if ever the needs arises, you know who they were.

Why not try it for yourself to see what will happen now or in the near future by being proactive with your communication to them, whilst keeping your business in the back of their minds, by thanking them for their enquiry on working on their projects.

What does Proactive really mean?

Well it means by acting in a practical way rather than a reactive events. More precise to the point, will give your business a Positive and upbeat notion to the business who you are thanking them for the enquiry.

What do mean by Reactive?

Business may reactive in a negative way and they may get irritable.


Dear John Blur,

Re: Thank you

I would like to just take a moment to thank you for the opportunity to assist you with your word processing enquiry. But if the need may arise in the near future we will be too happy to assist you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on

Yours Faithfully,

Mrs B Buttons

Blur Services


“Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement.”

Henry Ford


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Keywords are the best ways to get your business notice. How do we get it and how do we choose the right keywords for our site.
We need to match keywords, relevant to our website contents.
“Keywords is a reference to much bigger information in general to help promote and usually indicate to much broader contents of a document”
Why are keywords important to your website or blog site? They are important because a potential client or customer can find the product, services or business they are looking for.
The best thing to work out your keywords is to match them to a paragraph or sentence from your website, Such as for an example “Perth’s Baby store located on 245 Hay Rd. We sell all baby products items.” For more information on this Topic see: