Paid or Free Advertising Worth It !

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Many have paid for advertising their business, is it worth paying to promote the business. As you may be aware I do own and operate a Virtual Assistant Business at first, I paid for advertising through many avenues but found out that it becomes costly and most of the profit was paid into them which left me nothing in the bank. I found out advertising for myself was the best thing do, I am also part of the Virtual Assistant group only something I do pay for, but most of the other advertising has become with advertising flyers, and the best one was many clients the had referred me to other possible clients due to exceptional work. You can advertise either by paid or free.
The places that I have used free are
  • supermarkets billboard,
  • Facebook
  • linked-in,
  • twitter,
  • flyers in letterboxes,
  • handed flyers to business in person and a couple of others.
Best advertisement I have found which has been very useful is word of mouth. Other places you may find handy are as follows:

 The conclusion is that if you have the money to spare, make sure you can afford to pay the fees for the paid advertising and if you are just starting out, the best way is to start doing free advertising until you can afford to get someone else to advertise for you. 

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Australia is a Lack Country NOT! Barnett Government your WRONG!

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Many people have asked “how do I make money online without spending a dime?”, Well I would not classify myself as an expert in this line, but many that I have come across are asking for money, which are generally are scammers and to our extent we lose a lot of money that we cannot afford too.

I find that many other sites like People Per hour, Guru, Elance, O’desk, Vworker and freelancer, many of these that I have tried out, I have gotten nowhere in as my bidding always seem to high, and when I check to see who has won the project your tasks they seem to been given to Overseas people who are bidding from 050-1.00 for the project, but within Australia we would not be able to live on that due we are pretty expensive place to live. My background shows I have a lot of experience and Have studied heaps I also feel that studying is a waste of time, due to I have not landed that dream job, so you are studying (Please get Part-time or temp work). I think many companies should give us Australians ago. I come across an Article “The Barnett Government, want state jobs to go to India”. Well Guess what they are wrong about this as there are many Local WA personals who love to work in the Local Government section, but they have been getting knocked done for the work, Plus GUESS what I am one of those workers who have been knocked down for work for the Local Government. We have applied for way too many jobs, such as Administration roles to which may dismay, I got knocked down even though having the experience to be able to do such roles, But my question is if the job is getting send overseas isn’t that like working from home like running a small business from home, as if it is there is plenty of Parents would take this job on and would love  the opportunity to work from home, who would be qualified to take on these types of work for Example : Virtual Assistants there are heaps in Australia, also maybe the government should start reassessing their values and think about Families who would love to work school hours and not the normal office hours  9 am- 5 pm.

So my overall opinion it is hard both ways no matter what, all we can do is try and keep positive attitude to whatever way we decide and we can only trust our own instincts and the best practice is make sure you do your research on both Local work and Virtual work. Good luck with your endeavour’s we wish you all SUCCESS!