Paid or Free Advertising Worth It !

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Many have paid for advertising their business, is it worth paying to promote the business. As you may be aware I do own and operate a Virtual Assistant Business at first, I paid for advertising through many avenues but found out that it becomes costly and most of the profit was paid into them which left me nothing in the bank. I found out advertising for myself was the best thing do, I am also part of the Virtual Assistant group only something I do pay for, but most of the other advertising has become with advertising flyers, and the best one was many clients the had referred me to other possible clients due to exceptional work. You can advertise either by paid or free.
The places that I have used free are
  • supermarkets billboard,
  • Facebook
  • linked-in,
  • twitter,
  • flyers in letterboxes,
  • handed flyers to business in person and a couple of others.
Best advertisement I have found which has been very useful is word of mouth. Other places you may find handy are as follows:

 The conclusion is that if you have the money to spare, make sure you can afford to pay the fees for the paid advertising and if you are just starting out, the best way is to start doing free advertising until you can afford to get someone else to advertise for you. 

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I was sitting with my spouse of 6 years of thinking what to blog about next and he asked what a Blog was?


A blog is something you have an interest in and prefer to write about to anyone who may be interested in the subject you like writing about. It could be something like a good Novel, Law, life, Love horoscope, mythical creatures.

When I explained what a Blog was to my partner he was surprised and said that he would love to own a blog such as an Opinion Blog for everyone who like to add opinions about anything. I thought it be a great Idea. But he said he doesn’t have the time to blog about things and I said I can do that for him.

So please feel free to blog about anything on the comment section, as we might be able help you.